the Wine of the House

Gizella Furmint / Hárslevelű

Vivid, fresh and flavory bistro wine. Grapes are put in the press in full bunches to undergo a quick and gentle processing, and chilled fermentation. Wines were selected from the products of Barát, Szilvölgy, Lestár, Bajusz, Kastély and Bomboly vineyards by tasting the corresponding tanks, and then furmint and hárslevelű wines were combined in 50–50% ratio. We used only tanks for the subsequent fermentation to make the wine preserve its fresh and vibrant character. Hárslevelű carries flowery undertones and airiness, which is well underpinned by furmint. Its green apple and citrus undertones, as well as its cool character makes it a good match to starters, salads and chicken dishes on the menu. 


Szarka Pincészet,
Furmint / Hárslevelű gyöngyözőbor

Furmint and Hárslevelű of Tokaj wine region, combined in 60-40% ratio. The time of the harvest is carefully selected to achieve the perfect balance of acid and sugar. As a result, the highly acidic taste is counterbalanced by some residual sugar, the added carbon-dioxide makes the wine totally refreshing, while the rather elderly grapevines which were planted in 1982 give an earnest character to the wine. Chilled, or served from ice bucket, it makes a perfect accompaniment to friendly conversations, salads, poultry or pork dishes, and it can be used as an ingredient to Prosecco-based cocktails, too.

Quality gastronomic experiences call for a wine selection of equal quality. When served with matching wine, dishes will make up an even more harmonious whole. Promoting the wine culture of the surrounding region is of utmost importance for us, and in addition to using local ingredients, we are offering wines and champaigns produced in the vineyards of the surrounding region. The many faces of Tokaj are as diverse as Szomszéd, and the wines of Gizella Winery reflect the same quality we aim to achieve in our activities. Moreover, we have friendly ties with the winemaker and owner of Gizella Winery, László Szilágyi, whose roots are traced back to Debrecen. His winery produces wines with truly unique flavor, and we are proud to claim that one of their cuveé wines has already been named after Szomszéd – the wine of the house.

We were equally pleased and proud to place our own label to the sparkling wine bottles of Dénes Szarka, owner of Szarka Winery, Mád, which are now offered to our guests under the name of Szomszéd Frizzante.

“Good wines carry many potentials.  25 years ago, when we were bouncing basketball together in Debrecen, none of us wondered that once I would be asked to make a special Tokaj wine for their new restaurant. It is an important cooperation for me that brings about a major and challenging task with excellent timing. Most probably, 5 years ago I would’ve created a wine of a completely different character. I’m really pleased that it was just recently that I was asked to create this wine for the new reference restaurant of my hometown, and that I had the chance to fine-tune it to be really light and highly consumable. This is the very style I now consider to be the future. I add much hárslevelű to much furmint, inviting the guests of Szomszéd Bistro to a light and dynamic wine experience.

László Szilágyi
Gizella Winery