Art On Me

It might seem a bit strange how Hungarian design is interconnected with Szomszéd’s concept. It is just obvious for us, though, as it aligns perfectly with our concepts and ideas. How is Szomszéd connected to Ancsa Márton, the owner and creator of the Hungarian designer brand Art On Me?  – First of all, it is an old friendship, and everything beyond: clarity, nature inspired themes, naturalism, style, quality and talent.

We believe that fields that may seem afar at first glance can make up a harmonious whole; Hungarian gastronomy that provides quality experience is considered art, just like Hungarian design which is powered by the same creative energies. We are driven by the same passion: creating local values in uncompromised quality, delivered with love and devotion to those who live around us.

We are sure that this is the very thing guests crossing the door of our restaurant are looking for, whether it be about food, drinks, experiences or a truly unique and special piece of creative clothing.

This is the value we wish to adopt in Debrecen with the Art On Me collection, which is later planned to be added up with other designer collections or pieces. 

We can hardly wait to launch all this project!