Space for the Community

From the very beginning, we developed the concept of Szomszéd to create a lively community space; a place where anyone can drop in, sit in, whether only for a quick coffee or for a long conversation over a nice dinner. We aimed to create a place that is actually occupied and used by our guests, that allows them to spend time in a relaxed, cozy and friendly environment. As soon as in the developing stage of the architectural concept, it was a key aspect to create spaces that support such aims: the building was designed to feature lounge-like furniture with sofas, separable units, comfortable layout for dining, sunny terraces, pleasant wine cellar and a mini stage.

Our efforts, however, go beyond designing highly usable spaces: we aim to create and form a community; that is why, under the framework of “Hello Szomszéd!” program series, from time to time, we transform the house into an event venue, and seek to reach out to our audience with the most versatile offer of programs possible. We are open to everything that is valuable and creates values, that is unique and fits us: wine tastings, concerts, book launch events, thematic gourmet nights, panel and portrait discussions. The point is to fill Szomszéd with liveliness, excited waiting and a bunch of community experience.

That is how simple tables and chairs are transformed into a truly vibrant, vivid community space.
At Szomszéd, with you.

Szomszéd X iCons

We seek to offer our conference and training rooms upstairs along with the most versatile and useful services possible. With this in mind, Szomszéd has entered into strategic cooperation with iCons Hungary consulting company which provide highly qualified experts and all experience of their long history of professional expertise to our guests.  From among their services, personal or group coaching sessions, various trainings – including communication, negotiation techniques, conflict management and sales trainings –, leadership simulations, consultation, assessment and selection support are available in customized form. In addition to well established panels and services that have been used for a long time, their colleagues answer all special demands in a flexible way, and contribute to the development of the final concept with their professional experience.

Szomszéd has everything that is needed to organize high standard company events: quality event spaces of various styles and functions, excellent catering service and careful hosting, as well as high standard training and consulting panels with well-established professional contents and expert facilitation. -You only need to select the perfect mix!

Our colleagues are glad to assist you in this respect, too; for more information, accurate parameters of the available spaces, details of additional services, as well as for the detailed description of training and consultation programs, please do not hesitate to contact us: